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Bolt Cutter

Standard Black

Standard Black Jaw Bolt Cutters BC300 - BC1050(7 sizes)


For cutting soft and medium materials.

High Tensile Red

High Tensile Red Jaw Bolt Cutters BC300-H - BC1050-H(7 sizes)


For cutting hard materials

Special Silver

Specially tempered Silver Jaw Bolt Cutters BC450-S - BC1050-S(5 sizes)


For cutting harder materials and long life


  •  Cutting edge is adjusted by Eccentric Bolt on mounting plate. It is not necessary to adjust often like other makers' bolt cutters having adjustment bolt at side.
  •  Jaw is made from the special alloy steel, which was developed originally for HIT Bolt Cutter under the cooperation of steel manufactures. And it is done various treatments suitable for cutting re-bars, soft bolts, rivets, chain etc.
  •  Thick and wide Mounting Plate enable jaws to hold material firmly to cut and use for long time.
  •  Rubber Grip is designed for worker's good feeling, when held by naked hands. And it is not broken like hard plastic grip in case of dropping.

6,000 Times Cutting Test

Tested HIT Bolt Cutter BC600
Dia. Of material cut 6mm
Hardness of material cut 40HRC (1,250Pa [127.5kgf/mm²])
Cutting times 6,000
Condition after cutting test It can cut material continuously, because there is no damage on the jaws.

Before Cutting Test

Before Cutting Test

After Cutting Test

After Cutting Test

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