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Toho Koki Co., Ltd. is manufacturing, selling, exporting and importing of "HIT" brand hand tools, various machine tools, forging products, and dies.

Manufacturing and sales

"HIT" brand hand tools

"HIT" brand hand tools have been developed as extension of professional workers' arm, and practiced by professional workers' severe viewpoints. "HIT" brand hand tools are based on " safe, light and easy to use". We are manufacturing the products, which make the users satisfy, on our proprietary integrated production line. Reliable "HIT" brand hand tools, they are our confidence and pride. In our international department, increasing sales amount of existing products and doing sales promotion of new products are basic strategies. We exhibit to international trade fairs to introduce the activity of our company widely, and expand markets through contact with overseas visitors.

Processing technologyHIT tool's Guide
Forging Product

Production to order for Forging Products.

A professional work, which cannot be completely calculated and mechanized, it is a Forging. We have striven to train the skilled staffs and to expand facilities for improvement in Forging technology since foundation. Harmony of people and technology, this posture is based on "Toho Koki Co., Ltd." which is one of the best manufactures of hand tools, and it is still supporting us.

About Forging

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