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What's Forging...

Striking and pressuring metal by a hammer etc. crush pores inside metal, make metal crystal detailed, prepare the metal crystal direction, and raise intensity. And then, it fabricates in the target form. As the grain flow is continued, the organization becomes precise, and the forming stock is superior in intensity compared with casting.

Features of forge
  • - Since it is fabricated to the form and size near the completed products, it becomes saving of material.
  • - The products, which must have difficult machining processes, can be mass-produced, and omitted and reduced some machining processes.
  • - Organizations become precise and there are no inner defects.
  • - The grain flows, which run along with the productfs form, are prepared.
  • - According to using die, it is possible to do superior dimensional control.
Type of forge

There are Hot Forging, Warm Forging and Cold Forging. We manufacture the products by Hot Forging.

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