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Pipe Wrenches

JIS strong class

P150 - P1200(9sizes)


All drop-forged and guaranteed 1.5 times superior to JIS H grade. Used U-Frame for easy turning Hook Jaw Nut. Designed for end-user less using opportunity and using at factory.

Aluminum Pipe Wrenches Drop-forged Aluminum Bodies

ALP250 - ALP900(6sizes)


Guaranteed as JIS H grade which has the most hardness and durability in JIS steel Pipe Wrenches grade, although JIS doesn't have grade for Aluminum Pipe Wrenches. Used U-Frame for easy turning Hook Jaw Nut. It has safe structure, which does not break but bend even though over maximum working load. Designed for use at working spot (out of factory), because of light body.


  • HIT Pipe Wrenches are also practiced "safe, light and easy to use".
  • All drop-forged steel and aluminum bodies' Pipe Wrenches are bent but not broken, when they are used under critical condition over maker's guarantee.
  • HIT Pipe Wrenches prevent the workers from the fatal accident, which breakage of wrenches pipe causes.

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