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製品詳細-Product Details

High Tensile Red Jaw Bolt Cutters
High Tensile Red Jaw Bolt Cutters
Item No.:
Features drop-forged high tensile alloy tool steel with specially heat-treated, precision cutting edges for longer life.
Suitable for cutting harder materials.
Recommendable maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 450-Rockwell C48-162 kg-mm2.
Tool No. -L- Capacity
Weight Kgrs. Type of Jaw
BC 300-H 300mm(12") 5mm 4mm 0.70 Clipper Cut
BC 350-H 350mm(14") 7mm 5mm 1.00 Clipper Cut
BC 450-H 450mm(18") 8mm 5.5mm 1.70 Clipper Cut
BC 600-H 600mm(24") 10mm 7mm 2.80 Center Cut
BC 750-H 750mm(30") 13mm 8mm 4.20 Center Cut
BC 900-H 900mm(36") 16mm 9mm 6.40 Center Cut
BC1050-H 1050mm(42") 19mm 10mm 8.60 Center Cut


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